Middle School!!!

It’s almost time for middle school!! These 2 counselors came to our school and thought us about the middle school that people are going to. I’m going to middle school and I think it’s going to be amazing and the school that I’m going to is so cool. So, the 2 counselors thought everyone that […]

My Amendments

I think we should stop drugs because it’s bad for your health. It’s also bad for your whole life.  The can take your whole life what I’m mean is it can kill you. The drugs can also hurt your heart and lungs. They also can mess with your brain. Drugs can also hurt your self esteem. […]

Branches of the government!!

The three branches of the government are the legislative,judicial,and also the executive those are the three governments. The legislative branch make laws. The judicial review laws. Also the executive branch carry out laws. Also the legislative branch was in the capitol building. The judicial branch was in the supreme. Also the executive branch was in […]


In our class we are learning about volume. How to find the awnser to your question is you have to multiply all of it. You have to multiply the height,width and also the length. When you multiply all you will get your awnser. You can find volume from counting the squares and the height and […]